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Fire up your imagination with this beautiful pizza oven. The Flame wood fired pizza oven is built like the best ovens on the market today! One of the features is our refractory brick sub-floor that forms a dense thermal mass that in conjunction with the thick insulated wall/dome will provide even heat for many hours of consistent cooking!  This ash granite tile oven is beautifully made and will do all of the jobs you would expect from a wood fired oven.


Even more versatile than a barbecue.  You can turn out crispy pizzas, succulent roasts, bread or slow-cooking stews for your friends. There really is no limit to the food that you can cook in this. 


Floor cooking space is 32in x 34in. This oven holds 3-4 medium or 2 large pizzas and the result is a crisp, crusty genuine Italian base. It also does incredible roasts, veggies & breads.  It has such good heat retention that you can cook in it for up to three hours after the fire goes out.



External Dimensions Of The Pizza Oven
Length (Front to Back): 53in
Width (Left to Right): 44 1/2in


External Dimensions With The Stand

Length 61in

Width 47in



Internal Dimensions Of Oven
Length (Front to Back): 47in
Width (Left to Right): 32in


Internal Cooking Dimensions
Length (Front to Back): 34in
Width (Left to Right): 32in


Oven Height (excl flue): 28in


Oven Height in stand (excl flue) 67in

Oven Weight: 1875lb